A gentleman’s guide to fragrance etiquette

BolgImage“Create your own visual style… Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Orson Welles

Good day gentleman! Today, I want to discuss a topic that is becoming very relevant in the world of men’s grooming – fragrance etiquette. Yes, it is true, the way we present ourselves is becoming more inventive and diverse… enabling us men to choose from an evolving marketplace of style, ideas and helping us to adopt our own brand of appearance. This is important, but it is not the only thing that matters. I’m talking about our personal ‘scent’ here, gentlemen. As a man, we use our individual sense of style and presence to send out conscious signals into the universe creating an aura of self-confidence and assurance for others to see and of course, admire. Fragrance plays a big role when it comes to creating the right persona. After all, what is the point of looking good if you don’t smell good, too! So here are some vital grooming tips to help you avoid those horrible fragrance faux pas.

Know thy self and your signature fragrance

Every individual is uniquely scented with his own personal scent. It’s wonderful if you have managed to find your signature scent early on in life. The technique to get it right is by spritzing a generous amount on your pulse points and living the fragrance through the day. Observe how the perfume grows on you especially how it mingles with your personal scent, compliments received and overall happy mood/vibes you get.

Know your limits when it comes to applying fragrance

In this case, less is really more! A little will make you seem sophisticated and more confident, whereas a lot will make you look like an attention-seeker. Remember, in most cases wearing too much perfume will put a bull’s eye on you as the person to avoid.

Be safe – Stick to the rules of fragrance application

The rule is simple – People should only be able to smell your fragrance when they step inside your own personal ‘scent circle.’ This is usually about an arm’s length from your body. To achieve this, two squirts of your fragrance are sufficient. Also keep in mind, when applying eau de toilette, spray it from around four- six inches away on your pulse points. For the best effect, apply it to your chest or biceps, as this is where it will be trapped between your skin and your clothing. If you really want to announce your presence in a room, do it the right way with Yardley Sport EDT – this luxurious and unique scent enhances the free spirit of a gentleman with its elegant aromatic fragrance.

Know when to wear your fragrance

Fragrance can do amazing things. It can increase your confidence, invigorate your senses and even set the perfect mood. Yet, there are instances when wearing perfume is an absolute no! Here are some of them:

Swimming pools – the smell of chlorine is overpowering enough for swimmers.

The beach – The smell of the sea is what people come for and besides, fragrance can make skin photosensitive.

On planes – In such a small space, you need to be sensitive to other’s senses, allergies, etc.

Wear light fragrance at work.

You absolutely must wear fragrance, especially in these sweltering conditions, but make sure to wear the right one and not too much of it. After all, you want to come across as professional right! And a summer fragrance like Yardley EDT Sport is great at guaranteeing you smell clean, crisp and fresh, all day long.

Layering works wonders with the right fragrance

If you’re concerned about overdoing the fragrance, try layering by using the matching products in tandem. Yardley Original has the eau de toilette, body spray, talcum powder and roll on deodorant. So after a refreshing shower, apply the talc and deodorant, followed by the body spray and then be subtle with the eau de toilette. You will definitely make the right impression, wherever you go.

When it comes to fragrance, stick to skin only

Avoid spraying clothing, as it is really not a good idea. Some scents can stain clothes and even harm fibres.

So gents now onwards, every time you wear an elegant suit or slip on a pair of shiny black shoes, or even keep your look cool and casual with a blazer and loafers, remember to spray on just the right amount of your personal fragrance as well. This instantly sends out positive signals into the world, telling everyone you come into contact with about the kind of man you truly are.


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