Surprising uses of Yardley Talcum Powder


Yardley’s Talc range doesn’t just smell good, but it gets a lot of good done too! In addition to using it all over the body to beat the heat and for silky smooth skin, this vanity table staple can do everything from adding bounce to your hair to keeping your clothes sweet-scented! Here are some alternate uses of your favourite Yardley talc:

  1. Plump Eyelashes

Apply a light coating of talc to your eyelashes, in-between coats to add length, thickness and volume. What I do is, after applying one coat of Mascara, use a q-tip or an unused mascara wand, to apply a coat of talc on my lashes for fuller, more longer-looking lashes. Then I simply add another layer of mascara to cover up the white powder and Voila! Instant primer for my lashes!

  1. Dry Shampoo substitute

This is my absolute go-to life hack that has saved me many a trouble! On days I am running late, and haven’t had time to wash my hair, talc is a perfectly inexpensive way to keep hair looking fresh, without having to invest in a dry shampoo! All you have to do is sprinkle talc onto your comb and then run the comb through your hair from the roots. It removes oil and grease and makes your hair look fresh.

  1. Freshen wardrobe

Don’t you hate it when your closet has taken on a musty smell? Well, here’s what I do when my wardrobe starts to smell musty or unpleasant, I just leave some Talc in a pouch inside the wardrobe for a few days. The moisture removing properties of the talcum powder keeps it free from that stale smell.

  1. Chafe free

Quite possibly, the worst thing about summers is the sweating and the chafing. Running and working out becomes a chore because the skin gets irritable quite fast, especially on more sensitive areas like my thighs, but I found that dusting some talc on my thighs works wonders to eliminate friction, leaving me pain-free.

  1. Make up hacks

If you have a glossy lipstick that you wished were matte instead; just apply a coat of lipstick and then ply a tissue on your lip. After that, brush some talc on your lips with a normal make up brush and just like that your favorite gloss lipstick is now matte, It also makes your lipstick last longer. Talc can absorb and remove facial oils, acting as a primer too or it can also be mixed with a powder or bronzer that is a bit too dark to lighten it up, so double whammy ladies!

  1. Beach ready

Pro Tip: When you head down to the beach, be sure to take along some Talcum powder. It helps remove the sand that finds its way onto your clothing and your body, just sprinkle a bit of powder after your day of fun. The powder will make it much easier to brush off the sand and it feels so good on your skin too.

  1. Cool the Sheets

Cool sheets are delightful during summer but sometimes when temperatures soar, your sheets may feel anything but cool. The answer? Talcum powder. If you sprinkle just a bit of English Lavender talc between your sheets a few minutes before you retire for the night, you’ll enjoy a much cooler night’s sleep.

  1. De-tangle Necklaces

It certainly breaks my heart when I see my favourite necklaces tangled. Sometimes, it can take forever to get those knots out, especially for smaller chains bear the risk of breaking, so I just sprinkle a bit of Talcum powder on the chains making sure that it gets into all the little crooks and crevices. The powder loosens up the knots just a teeny bit, but making it much easier for you to untangle the chains.

  1. Reduce glove friction

If you use gloves for cleaning or other tasks, you can make them much easier to get on and off only if you apply a bit of talcum powder before you slip them on your hand. The talc helps to remove moisture which makes those gloves difficult to get on and off.

Tell us other amazing uses of Yardley talcum powder that you’ve found in the comments below.


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