Etiquettes for Proper Gift Giving

Hello darlings! It’s the season of gifting as Eid is just around the corner. Just like everything in life, there seem to be so many unsaid rules of gift giving that a simple task this easy can now seem daunting as you may not know the person well or may feel the recipient has everything they’d ever want. Fear not, here is a list of few gifting etiquettes that you absolutely must keep in mind to avoid a holiday faux pas.


  1. When you’re invited to someone’s residence, it is good etiquette to bring them a token of appreciation in exchange for the invite. Simple things, like chocolates, flowers or another small gift will suffice. Extravagant and overly personalized gifts are best avoided.
  2.  Another gifting etiquette is to remember to absolutely avoid buying gifts that remind the receiver of their short-comings, for example gym membership, or a weighing scale. While gifts geared towards self-improvement might be appreciated, this is still a very slippery slope which is best avoided, really.

  3. It can be uncomfortable when someone gives you a gift when you did not get one for them but it is good etiquette to just accept the gift graciously, and not draw attention to the fact that you don’t have anything for them in return. Remember, the person gave you a gift because they wanted to treat you, not because the person expected something in return.

  4. A thank you note for a gift should go out within a week of the day you received it. Writing a thank-you note is, let’s face it, a wearisome activity, be it an all-capital THANK YOU with excessive exclamations or a thoughtful hand-written note, it feels great to have your present appreciated.

  5. Another gifting etiquette is to spend conservatively on someone’s gift, so as to not embarrass them. While it is not a competition on the value of gifts, it is best to avoid spending a lot of money on an extravagant present because you could make your friend feel uncomfortable rather than appreciative.

  6. Another gifting etiquette to keep in mind is that if you’re not sure of someone’s size, you should not give a gift that is size dependent like, a dress. It can be uncomfortable if not correct.

  7. I know it is super tempting to Re-gift and Re-cycle some of the presents you might receive, but it is considered offensive in many cultures. This insensitivity could cause the person who gifted it to be offended and hurt, and in the spirit of good manners it is best avoided, really.
  8. Buy a gift for the person staying with you over the holidays. Chances are you might be a recipient of a gift, however it’s a thoughtful gesture to reciprocate in the same spirit during the festive season.

While I know, it can be a hassle finding that right present, but that smile and happiness when your family and friends open their presents is worth all the trouble, isn’t it? Comment and tell us what you think 🙂


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