Limited Edition, ‘Must-Have’ Yardley gifts!


Returning back home, you are bound to feel a mix of emotions. Working and living in a foreign country is always difficult in its own way, but returning home holds a separate set of challenges. One of them is buying a present, especially when it is for a loved one back home. After all, it has to be perfect and ignite warm, happy feelings that overflow straight from the heart…right?Yardley-blog_V9

Well, nothing generates it more than a fragrant gift that will create happy memories since we associate smell to memories. What’s more, every person is different so there is no “One-Gift-Fits-All” formula! Not to fret, we at Yardley with the perfect combination of fragrance, assortment and affordability have come up with exciting gift sets that will make all your loved ones swoon!

1.  Classic Summer Freshness Gift Pack



Classic range of fragrances for the ever classy, ever gorgeous lady! This Limited Edition set is just the thing to gift your mum, partner or sister. This is perfect to gift when you are confused about her exact preference but still want to make her blush. This gift set contains an assortment of gorgeous body sprays of Yardley’s signature scents. That’s the thing about classics; they never go out of style, fashion or season. Your lady deserves the best in life, and this gift set offers to her the best of Yardley.



  1. Graceful English Rose Gift Pack



This gift set perfectly encapsulates everything you’ve ever wanted to say to your lady, that she is gorgeous and absolutely perfect just the way she is. This gift set consists of Yardley’s best selling English Rose fragrance captured in a Talc and an EDT. This fragrance translates into the ultimate idea of femininity and grace. English Rose Gift set is all about sophistication and exquisite freshness making you think of the luscious rose garden in summers!


  1. Exotic Luxury Gift Pack

This Yardley Gift set comes wrapped with two exotic Talc fragrances – Royal Bouquet and English Lavender.  These fragrances add a feminine touch and a note of unadulterated luxury, while smelling resolutely modern, making it a perfect gift for the independent women of today. The Limited-Edition pack with a special New Talc is perfect for the woman who craves to stand out unique and loves experiencing new, exciting adventures. This gift set is bold, uncompromising, and unprecedented, like the world it so perfectly captures.

  1. The Essentials – English Lavender Pack


Add some ‘oomph’ and enhance the magnetism of your personality with this gift set. This gift set consists of a piece of Anti-Perspirant Deodorant roll-on and a luxury soap leaving your loved one with smooth skin and a fresh lingering fragrance.  This makes for the best gift during summers, for those who jet-set across countries.

  1. Vintage collectible Soap



Forget jewel decked over-the-top gifts that make for a sore sight, and say hello to the Limited Edition, English lavender soap unveiled this summer in a tin pack has been specially created recreating the Yardley of 1950’s. This gift set is perfect for spoiling the special people you love and is available for a short period at your nearest retail stores. The triple milled luxury soap gives a truly indulgent experience of delightful soft skin with lingering fragrance.

Comment and tell us below, which of these gift packs are you excited to take back for your loved ones?


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